About Us

Rahmani’s Rugs is a family operated business in its fourth generation, from beginnings in Iran in the late 1800s, in traditional rug weaving to wholesale operations and finally retail stores across Australia. Since 1982, we have been providing quality handmade and designer rugs at roadshows and through our retail outlets. At Rahmani’s Rugs we have been sourcing the finest quality rugs to fulfill our mission of passionately beautifying Australian homes and offices. From retail outlets across Eastern Australia, we have consolidated our operation to our Red Hill store in Brisbane, servicing Queensland and our New Castle (opened in 1985) serving our NSW clientele.
As of 2020, we are making available online, a large selection of our offering.
We have always been dedicated to providing the most beautiful and widest variety of fine rugs from around the world, along with superior customer service at the most competitive prices.
Our belief is “If you have the passion, we have the rug to go with it”…
Simply visit one of our stores nearest you to see the rugs and carpets in our showrooms. If you can’t just ‘drop-in’ then go to our ‘Online Store’ to look at our online selection